Andi Zang

HERE North America
Northwestern University
Nokia Technologies

I am currently focusing on LiDAR point cloud processing and computer vision for High Definition Road (HDR) automation in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

04/24/2017: Vision paper "High-Definition Digital Elevation Modelling in Autonomous Driving" accepted by SSDBM 2017.
04/03/2017: ACM MM Challenge at 25th ACM Multimedia released.
05/02/2016: University Grand Challenge at 23rd World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems released.
03/20/2016: Accept PhD offer from Northwestern University.
12/31/2015: Production demo (HDR) of our team shown in CES 2016 and USA Today (my demo starts from 0:27 to 0:46.).

10/04/2015: I will work for HERE from Oct 5th. New email: andi.zang at andi.zang at

Point Cloud Processing

Geographic Information System

Point Cloud + Image

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