High Precision Lane Model Dataset - Autobahn A99

Download here (2.00 MB) Please email me if you have any questions!
Description and features
Reference: Lane Boundary Extraction from Satellite Imagery, AUTONOMOUSGIS'17
This is a lane-geometry orientated (composed by nodes and links) lane model dataset, compared to traditional mask-like (pixel based) ground truth datasets. The ground truth is manually coded/corrected from the lane geometry generated by our automatic lane geometry extraction pipeline (point cloud based), with inspecting/referring point cloud projection and high-resolution satellite imagery, to make sure this dataset is highly accurate.
Since this dataset is a lane-geometry orientated ground truth dataset, the model can be applied to different satellite imagery sources and level of details (zoom-level) if they are aligned well (mis-alignment is smaller than resolution).
This dataset contains approximately 10.14 kilometers training data and 6.07 kilometers testing data.
Pros and Con
  • Image independent: can be applied to different satellite imagery sources and zoom-levels. (this dataset is reusable, traditional mask-like ground truth is disposable)
  • Highly accurate: has higher resolution than the (current) highest satellite image resolution (~0.15 meter/pixel).
  • Close to industrial data standard: uses Navigation Data Standard (NDS) like data structure.
  • Not only geometry: contains other attributes such as types of the line (boundary, dashed line and solid line).
  • Extra conversion needed: needs to be converted/projected to image coordinate when use it.
  • Usage
    Just load JSON files --> Project points to image coordinate --> Connect the points with same line id --> Then you are ready to go!